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  • 118 Sliding Window Series
  • 118 Sliding Window Series
118 Sliding Window Series

It has the wide and flat appearance with design elements of simple lines, all the joints are tight and firm. It is practical and aesthetic.

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Product Features

· It has the wide and flat appearance with design elements of simple lines, all the joints are tight and firm. It is practical and aesthetic.

· It uses China top brand materials of Manganese and Magnesium alloy, its high strength structure can bear the ultra wind pressure.

· Equipped with the upper rail to block the water, it is not only beautiful and fashionable, but also can prevent rain water from falling to the window sash and lower rail.

· When opened, it doesn’t occupy indoor space at all, and can be equipped with stainless steel wire mesh for features of both ventilation and anti-theft.

· German imported hardware lock, high-quality pulley and lower rail make the sliding smooth, noise-proof, anti-friction and durable, the high quality guiding block ensure window sliding without wobbling.

· 45 degree oblique seamless splicing technology, built-in reinforced steel sheet, so that the overall structure of the door frame is more stable, beautiful and durable.

· It uses SUS 304 stainless steel guiding track with pulleys capable of bearing up to 200kg, sliding 100000 times without damage.

· 5mm double-layers fully sealed automobile grade safety glass, with chemical molecular sieves and argon inflated, double-layer sealing, sound insulation, heat insulation, light transmittance, it effectively prevents glass from fogging.

· The first case and technology in domestic, to inflate argon into hollow glass for features of sound insulation and heat insulation, it prevents the hollow glass from fogging and frost, and creates a sound insulation space of 30 dB for life enjoyment.

· The bottom of the window sash is equipped with anti-collision rubber, which can effectively protect the window sash from being slammed. It ensure the stability of the whole window frame structure and long-term life.

· The widened and thickened sealing tape has better sealing performance, it can effectively prevent clamping and protect families in safety.

· High head and stepped track by the design of unique isobaric chamber principle, it ensure that no water or leakage will occur in case of heavy rain.

product structure

Outer frame.jpg

Product parameters

Production Materials】Aluminum alloy, High strength manganese and magnesium alloy

Window Sashwidth: 70mm,  thickness: 30mm

Window FrameTwo-sliding track: Into the wall hole:  Joint width:80mm,  height: 40mm

                               Triple-sliding track: Into the wall hole:  joint width: 118mm,  height: 40mm

Glass Specification4mm+12A+4mm double tempered glass (smooth, frosted, coated or Low-E glass)

Sliding TrackStandard stainless steel rail

HardwarePAG brand of bar lock and pulleys

Product color

缅甸泰柚.png  咖啡色.png  氟碳灰.png

product style

Triple sliding tracks, four window  sashes with two mesh panes.jpg

Product suggestion

Recommended Scope of Use:

High-class clubs, Star-rated hotels, Luxury villas, Large gardens and other large outdoor space.

Recommended Decorative Styles:

Luxury European style, Classic Chinese style, Fashion simple European style, Baroque style, Rural style.

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