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Casement Window
  • 148 PIONEER Flat Frame Casement Window Series
  • 148 PIONEER Flat Frame Casement Window Series
148 PIONEER Flat Frame Casement Window Series

148 PIONEER Flat Frame Casement Window is new high-end product from DIAOSI in 2019, it not only has the nice style but also inner quality. “ Be the same outside and inside, Thick materials, Advanced configuration and Strong performance” , it is our pursuing goal and responsibility.

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Product Features

· The frame and door is aligned suitably, side frame surface is smooth, doesn’t scrape hand and ensure a good hand feeling.

· It uses the process of glue injection, and meet the requirements of high efficiency, low-carbon and energy saving standards.

· The design of invisible drainage, it embodies the high-end and advanced features co-exist.

· It uses the four-cavities aluminum extrusions and three-cavities TECHNOFORM thermal-break strips, to ensure

The product structure tighter, firmer and environmentally safe.

· It uses the hidden foaming compound adhesive strip whose shape is like “7”. It is the automotive grade strips into the windows, the usage life is up to 15~20 years, it thoroughly solve the aging problem of ordinary strips.

· It is equipped with sound-insulated driving rod, keeps the house completely isolated from the outside world, removes the noise and creates the peacefulness.

· It adopts the integral frame connection technology, and makes the window more steady, nice, high-end and elegant.

· Excellent performance of sun-resistance, anti-oxidation, anti-fading, frost-resistance, it can completely bear the weathering.

· It uses 5+27A+5mm automotive grade double tempered glass, and EPDM foam sealing strips.

product structure


Product color

Outdoor Color:

咖啡色.png  铂灰瓷泳.png  氟碳铁灰.png

Indoor Color:

缅甸泰柚.png  白枫木.jpg  氟碳铁灰.png

铂灰瓷泳.png  美式金橡.png  苏香桐.png