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DIAOSI Attended CBD Fair (Shanghai)
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  On March.28th 2019, the CBD Fair was concluded in Shanghai, DIAOSI was on the conspicuous position and showed its elegant demeanor, leading the household product trend in this international city.


  From March 26th to 28th, the most passionate and busy booth was belong to DIAOSI. visitors came one after another, and gathered in the showroom. DIAOSI arranged more sales and technical staff to offer professional service and cooperation instruction. It was busy in the booth, because DIAOSI has amazing products, fashionable exhibition hall, professional knowledge,good service,and every customer has the feeling as if to arrive at the decorated house which they expected.



  God will bless the diligent people and bestow the luck and wealth. It is the same thing for an enterprise and brand. DIAOSI won the achievements in Shanghai, because it adhere to product innovation and good service, never forget the original goal and ambition.


  In the doors and windows field, DIAOSI is absolutely a shinning brand. It has many new designs and patents, it is also one of the national drafters of system doors and windows technology standard. The CBD Fair (Shanghai) concluded, the next show is coming, let's meet in CBD Fair (Guangzhou) in July.