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Congratulations To The New Branch Factory GETAI
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  On Oct. 9th, 2017, the another new production base of DIAOSI was started formally. It was named GETAI as the new branch factory manufacturing various wooden doors. YONGXING and DIAOSI leaders and staff gathered together to celebrate and witness such an beautiful day.


  FOSHAN GETAI INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD (GETAI) is the subsidiary wood door brand under YONGXING GROUP. Since 2005, it has been an enterprise which designs,manufactures and supplies wooden doors for more than 14 years.It develops and grows into a new branch that has new scale of 32000 square meters and production capacity of 100000 sets. It Introduced advanced production equipments and technology from domestic and overseas, and has a huge number of professional, technical, high-skilled production and marketing teams.


  GETAI is based on the enterprise culture: Technology, Market-oriented, Quality and Reputation for Sustainable Development. Since its products entered the markets, it shows advantages of chic design, excellent quality, elegant style and first-class after-sale service. It has won the trust of customers and architecture contractors. GETAI has a variety of indoors and outdoor series, such as solid wood doors, composite wooden doors and Seiko wooden doors.


  Mr. Shangrong Wu, the CEO of GETAI, placed an emphasis in the speech: "GETAI attaches importance to the brand definition, and made a big progress in the past years. The new branch factory of wood doors runs in 2017, its scale grows from old factory to new factory, 10000 square meters to 32000 square meters. Nowadays it has the advanced production lines and complies with the scientific development concept.  It ensures big capacity, high efficiency and quality, the production process is automated and digitalized, the finish time is maximally shortened".


  Mr.Huanxin Leung, the general manager of marketing, made an emphasis in his speech: "YONGXING GROUP devotes the passion and innovation during the development, and will keep investing the new subsidiary. GETAI has the advanced dust-proof workshop, leads the technological innovation, and will enrich DIAOSI product category in variety. On the next step, DIAOSI product R&D pursues innovation breakthrough, combines the superior supplying chains and service team, and maximally improves the core advantages in the marketing competition".

  GETAI as the wood door brand of YONGXING GROUP, the new factory is formally in operation today. It's a milestone and new starting line.  It is believed that DIAOSI AND GETAI will enter the high-speed development era in next new decades. Come on !