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CBD Fair Is Coming, DIAOSI Convened The Mobilization For Preparation
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  Annual feast of building materials and decoration industry, the CBD Fair will be held from July 8th to 11th, DIAOSI booth number is the 15th in Hall 15.2 of Area C in Pazhou, Guangzhou.

On June 8th, DIAOSI as the leading exhibitor,convened the mobilization for preparation in the headquarter. Chairman Mr.Wu, CEO Shangrong Wu, General manager Huanxin Leung, Vice-general manger Lingyi Tang, Marketing manager CongLuo, Business manager Ling Wang, Production manager Jiangping Lai and related department colleagues attended the conference.This year is harvest year when DIAOSI will achieve the"transcendence"goal. Adequate preparation is necessary. 


   The mobilization started in the speech of Mr. Leung, the general manager of marketing. Firstly, Mr. Leung emphasized the importance that DIAOSI attached to the exhibition. CBD Fair is the spectacular fair in building and architectural product fields, it is a good opportunity to demonstrate enterprise image and strength, it is an excellent stage to advertise brand, so DIAOSI teams will make the adequate preparation in thoughts and actions, ensure the best status to attend the fair.



Afterwards, Mr.LingWang ,the business manager made a detailed introduction about business objectives, policy and work arrangement.


  In the end of conference, each member of marketing team signed a guarantee of excellent service. With the faith and perseverance, DIAOSI will have the new outstanding achievement in July.